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Lexus RCF and the MUSA Series

Our MUSA series by GTHAUS has been in the works for some time now, a project that has been kept silent while we patiently waited for a unique vehicle to head its debut. The 467-horsepower, V8-driven RC-F by Lexus was the answer.

Once directing our focus onto the RC-F, we set out to create the wildest, best performing, and most beautiful exhaust system on the market. Composed of a pair of E.V. controlled rear mufflers, and optional mid LSR pipe section, we believe to have achieved just that.

Pictured below is the GTC (EV Control) variant which we’ve installed on the car in the videos. This system is equipped with our 4x120x80mm oval exhaust tips (4x102mm round is also an available option). If you take a closer look at the mid LSR pipe, you will notice the velocity chamber in the center. This velocity chamber highly increases the flow of exhaust gases, much more than any traditional X-Pipe would.


IMG_0948 copy

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