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It's the new 563bhp Merc G-Wagen

Anorak on? Good, because the new Mercedes G-Wagen is here and you’re really going to need it to suss out the changes. Though you might want to pop some sunglasses on, too.

On the outside, barely a mite has been altered on the venerable G, save for some rather eye-catching new colour schemes, as you’ll see by scrolling through the pictures above. Those who find the regular G just a little demure can sleep easy now that lime green lies on the options list.

The AMG models - both the V8-powered G63 AMG and V12-propelled G65 AMG - get a new special issue, the Edition 463, which gains the two-tone interior you see above.

There are swathes of Nappa leather and some fripperies on the outside, including black protective strips (for all that off-roading you won’t be doing) and some 21-inch alloy wheels (for the posing you will be doing).

Both AMGs get the one thing their antiquated dynamics really weren’t screaming out for, and that’s more power. With 563bhp, the G63 is up 26bhp and can now complete 0-62mph in a terrifying sounding 5.4 seconds.

The G65, on the other hand, has been hiked by 18bhp, taking its total output to 621bhp and slicing 0.1sec from its little brother’s accelerative dash.

Happily, suspension setups have been tweaked for better on-road body control, while the overworked ESP system has been sharpened up too. Whether a longer-life bulb has been fitted to the stability control light in the instrument cluster is unconfirmed.

At the ‘normal’ end of the G range, the G350 diesel has also enjoyed a power boost, while the G500 petrol has a new engine: a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 related to the one you’ll find in the AMG GT sports car, no less.

We may mock, but there’s something gloriously ridiculous about the G-Wagen, especially when it comes with a hand-built AMG engine to create many-cylindered thunder in. You can order your new, Stabilo-highlighter inspired G from the middle of 2015.



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