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Home » 2015 » Апрель » 26 » Dyno-testing Meisterschaft for the ALL NEW BMW F85 X5M!
Dyno-testing Meisterschaft for the ALL NEW BMW F85 X5M!

Unlike the X5 50i, the M does not sport any restrictive secondary catalytic converters or excessively large and sound inhibiting resonators in its middle section. Thus it was decided that an axle-back setup would get the job done perfectly and also make for a simple installation!

This new Meisterschaft exhaust is offered in two familiar flavors: GTS and GTC.

Below is the GTC configuration. This system features our electronically controlled variable chambers that allow you to adjust the volume of the exhaust system, covering every sound from mild to wild!



If having the option to be discrete and under the radar is not something you’re in to, then there’s the GTS. The GTS produces an aggressive sound that is perfectly suited for the new X5M. Not over the top, but just right.



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